Sunday, July 20, 2008

Newest fertility treatment may be a diet (Reuters)

Magdalena Kalczak-Kanapka (R) and Magdalena Mazur-Wolak (L) practice during exercises for pregnant women at a hospital in Warsaw March 14, 2007. (Katarina Stoltz/Reuters)Reuters - The newest low-tech fertility treatment may be a diet, researchers said on Wednesday after learning that obese men have more abnormal sperm and make less semen.

These days more and more people are turning towards buy bulk hmb calcium medicines for healing different health problems. Herbal remedy involves the use of natural health products which can help to keep your body as healthy as you possibly can. They come in various forms; natural health products and medicines both for internal as well as external use. Herbal remedy is the use of natural herbs for many medicinal purposes. These herbs include everything from roots, flowers, branches, bark and fruits. It is believed to be the oldest form of healthcare known to mankind. Herbs had been used by all cultures throughout history.


Herbal remedies are very beneficial as they not only to heal the sickness but also treats the root cause of the disease. Even chronic diseases can be healed such as respiratory problem, gastrointestinal disorder, and immune system deficiency by making your body strong and helping in recovery. Herbal medicines are given to heal pain syndromes, neurological disorders, stress related syndromes, heart problems, sexual dysfunction, allergies and immune system deficiencies. They can be given in place of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The best thing about these herbal remedies is that they have very less chances of side effects as compared to pharmaceutical medicines. Now people are even opting herbal medicines to treatments such as chemotherapy as they help to reduce the side effects caused by chemotherapy. As everything used is natural; they are safe. Even small treatment such as taking antibiotics can weaken your immune system so herbal medicines can help strengthen your system.

Popular Herbs:

Some of the most popular healing herbs used in herbal remedies are:

Goldenseal: Used as an antibiotic.

Rose Hips: This contains vitamin C

Chamomile: This is popular for calming stressed nerves, relieve stomach pain, prevent ulcers and fight infection.

Garlic: It has potent natural antibiotic and anti-viral properties. Helps reduce cholesterol and prevent the formation of internal blood clots that trigger heart attacks.

Slippery Elm Bark: Helpful for soothing sore throats, coughs, and stomach disorder.

Ginseng: It can stimulate the immune system; protect the liver from toxics, and increases stamina.

Dandelion: Helpful in relieving premenstrual bloating.

Feverfew: It can help prevent migraine.

Raspberry Leaf: Popularly used for treating morning sickness and uterine infection. It can also help to prevent threatened miscarriage.

Spearmint and Peppermint: For treating indigestion.

Comfrey: Used in bruises or cuts.

Senna: It is a powerful laxative. You should be careful not to take more the required doses to avoid abdominal distress.

Uva Ursi: It has diuretic and urinary antiseptic effects.

Ginger: It can help prevent motion sickness and prevent the internal blood clots that trigger heart attacks.

Chinese ephedra: For treating colds and asthma.

Licorice: Good for soothing sore throats and treat ulcers.

Remember to go to a well practiced and licensed herbalist only. Tell him everything concerning your health and the food you are allergic to, so that he would know what herbs would suit you and what would not.You should also watch your diet when going for herbal medicines to get the best result. Try and avoid eating raw vegetables, greasy, red meat and spicy food. Try to eat everything in right proportions to prevent stress and fatigue. Watching your diet will have a good impact on your energy level and productivity.

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